The By Your Side Cancer Care Campaign

Acclaimed international musician Mike Peters launched the By Your Side cancer care campaign with Awyr Las in November 2014. Thanks to the fantastic support of local people and friends from across the country and beyond, over the past two and a half years since its launch the By Your Side cancer care campaign has raised over £270,000. The campaign is making a massive difference, helping to fund:

  • The refurbishment of the Alaw Day Unit
  • New furnishings on other hospital wards and departments
  • Specialist nurse training
  • Equipment used by community nursing teams to alleviate symptoms such as pain and nausea
  • The Robins Volunteer programme across North Wales
  • Health and wellbeing clinics and support meetings for patients and their families
  • Books for children whose relatives are affected by cancer

All of this has made a tangible impact on people living with cancer in North Wales.

The By Your Side Walk

The campaign will culminate in June 2017 with a walk across North Wales led by Mike and his wife Jules, who have both received a cancer diagnosis. Through the By Your Side Walk Mike and Jules aim to: encourage others to give thanks to the fantastic NHS staff who continue to provide treatment and care for them here in North Wales; inspire people to keep active and enjoy this amazing part of the world; celebrate all that we in North Wales have and remember the people who are no longer with us.

The walk will focus on raising awareness of a different type of cancer every day. The walk and associated initiatives and celebrations provide opportunities for: children and young people to absorb important public health messages whilst participating in fun group activities; school groups and local music groups to take part in community musical events; businesses, families and other groups to join in with fundraising activities. It provides people of all ages and all abilities in North Wales to get involved in a distinctive community project which has the potential to create a significant and lasting legacy.


Information about the By Your Side Walk Route